Cougar Academy is a 2,400-square-foot Training Facility complete with a 24-seat classroom as well as a workshop containing actual, working equipment. This Training Facility is located directly next door to Cougar USA’s headquarters in Houston, TX. Cougar Academy classes are free of charge.

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Cougar Academy Classroom


These classes are on the overall systems in which Cougar products are used. There is time spent on the specific features and functionality of each product, but the primary focus of the training is on the bigger picture and how the entire system is supposed to perform. Attendees will learn about the products and system, common issues and troubleshooting, and system design, installation, and maintenance guidelines.

Cougar Academy Workshop

These classes are on the troubleshooting and repair of Cougar Products. There is time spent in the classroom on the systems as well, but the majority of these sessions will be hands-on, practical instruction and training with equipment in the workshop. Attendees will learn about the product features, system sequence of operation, troubleshooting, pump/valve repair, and control panel operation.

Plumbers Local 68 Live Training Lab

These classes are hosted at the Plumbers Local Union 68 Live Training lab. The lab has fully functional plumbing systems and fixtures to create a live training environment. 

Owner Training Class — In this class, we go through Owner’s Training on a specific system. We will cover the system application, components, sequence of operation, common issues and troubleshooting, control panel operation, and component repair.

Plumbing Systems Overview — In this class, we will give an overview of the complete plumbing system in a typical building. Systems include Domestic Water Fill Station, Booster System, PRV Station, Sump Station and Hot Water Mixing Station.

Cougar Academy Webinars

Our training classroom is now equipped to livestream select classes as webinars for remote participation. Webinar attendees will be able to see the presentation and a live video feed of the classroom and will be able to participate in the class as if they were in person — by asking questions, viewing demonstrations and even competing in the Kahoots!

To schedule a training session for your team or if you have any questions, please contact Tim Zacharias at 832.678.3928 or

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