Cougar Academy

Cougar Academy is a 2,400-square-foot Training Facility complete with a 24-seat classroom as well as a workshop containing actual, working equipment. This Training Facility is located directly next door to Cougar USA’s headquarters in Houston, TX. Cougar Academy classes are free of charge.

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Educate and Train Engineers, Contractors and End Users on the equipment and systems Cougar USA provides. This includes the Cougar Systems product line as well as all of the manufacturers represented by Cougar Sales.


Current Curriculum is all Introduction or Level 100 Cougar Academy Courses. Cougar Academy offers two types of classes, CA Classroom Sessions and CA Workshop Labs. Both types of classes are 2 hours long. If there is a specific topic or product that you would like covered but is not listed below, please contact us to discuss designing a course to meet your needs.

CA Classroom Sessions

These classes are on the overall systems in which Cougar products are used. There is time spent on the specific features and functionality of each product, but the primary focus of the training is on the bigger picture and how the entire system is supposed to perform.

Classroom Agenda

  • Manufacturer Introduction
  • Product & System Overview
  • Common Issues & Troubleshooting
  • System Design & Replacement
  • Installation & Start-Up Guidelines
  • Workshop Time

Classroom Topics

  • Booster Packages
  • Sump Stations
  • Fill Stations / Water PRV’s
  • Domestic Hot Water Return
  • Steam Specialties
  • Water Filtration
  • Mechanical Products

CA Workshop Labs

These classes are on the troubleshooting and repair of Cougar Products. There is time spent in the classroom on the systems as well, but the majority of these sessions will be hands-on, practical instruction and training with equipment in the workshop.

Workshop Agenda

  • Manufacturer Introduction
  • Product Components & Functions
  • Common Issues & Troubleshooting
  • Installation & Start-Up Guidelines
  • Workshop Time (Hands on repairing equipment)

Workshop Classes

  • Grundfos CR Pump Repair
  • Cla-Val Valve Repair
  • Cougar Systems Control Panel Basics
  • Spirax Sarco Valve and Trap Repair

Off-Site Classes

While we believe the best training experience is at our facility, we understand that it is not always possible for people to travel for training. Cougar can provide abridged versions of the classes at your location.

To schedule a training session for your team or if you have any questions, please contact Tim Zacharias at 832.678.3928 or




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