Fiber Technology Company (FTC Tanks)

Fiber Technology Corporation (FTC), leading GRP Water Tank Suppliers, was incorporated in 1992 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, to provide innovative water-storage solutions. The company’s founding objective was to design and provide a simple, innovative, globally certified water storage solution by assembling GRP sectional panels in modular and flexible patterns with uncompromising levels of quality and reliability to ensure preservation of water to the highest standards of purity.

Domestic and Fire Water Storage Tanks for Commercial Buildings
FTC Fiberglass Water Storage Tank Assembly
FTC Domestic and Fire Water Storage Tanks for Commercial Buildings

The modular design of the FTC Tanks makes it ideal for installations in pump rooms of commercial buildings. The tank shape can be flexible and the panels are made to fit through a standard 3-foot doorway, making access into any room easy. FTC uses hot-press molding to manufacture modular panels with a mirror-smooth finish, which prevents organic matter from adhering to the panels. Without the organic material which algae, bacteria, and microorganisms require to reproduce, the latter cannot grow.