Keckley Company is the premier manufacturer of high-quality Ball Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Check Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Float and Lever Valves, Control Valves, Suction Diffusers, and Triple Duty Valves.  In addition, Keckley fabricates Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers, Duplex Strainers, and Tee Strainers in their ASME Certified Code Shop (ASME “U” Code Stamp available upon request).  Keckley has been an industry leader for over a century by providing customers with innovative and reliable solutions.

Pipeline Y (WYE) Strainer

Y Strainer

Keckley Cast Iron (ASTM A 126, Class B) Y-strainers are furnished standard with drain connections and pipe plugs. Most commonly, Y-strainers are fitted in the field with nipples and drain valves to permit the strainer screen to be cleaned while the system is still in process. By opening the drain valve while the system is under pressure, the debris trapped in the screen is “blown” through this connection helping to reduce system shut-downs for maintenance and cleaning.

Duplex Basket Strainers

Cast Iron Duplex Basket Strainer

Keckley Cast Iron (ASTM A 126, Class B) duplex continuous flow basket strainers are used in continuous flow applications where the process cannot be shut down for cleaning. Some examples are lubrication systems, industrial or marine oil burners, chemical plants, cooling lines in power plants, compressors, condensers, ink supply lines to printing presses, and for water lines to cooling towers and pumping stations where water is taken from lakes or rivers. The primary benefit of a duplex basket strainer is to provide uninterrupted downtime for maintenance and cleaning.

Wafer Silent Check Valves

Wafer Silent Check Valves

Keckley wafer silent check valves are suited for liquid applications only. For applications requiring natural gas, steam, or vacuum service please refer to our double disc wafer check valve.

Wafer silent check valves are relatively short in design and provide a low cracking pressure. The spring automatically closes the disc at zero flow, which prevents flow reversal and water hammer. The disc is fully guided at the top and bottom to prevent binding and cocking. The valve disc will open with less than 1/2 pound per square inch pressure. All sizes feature discs which lift 1/3 of an inch from their seats for every 1 inch of pipe size.

Wafer Body Double Disc Check Valves

Wafer Body Double Disc Check Valves

Keckley cast iron wafer body double disc check valves have pin retainer holes in the body where plugs are inserted to hold the hinge pin and stop pin in place. Keckley offers a retainerless wafer body design in bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other specially cast alloys.