Rockford Separators

Rockford Separators are used in separating and retaining numerous wastes: grease, oil, fuel, fats, lint, hair, soap residue, food solids, chemicals, sediment, solid waste, sand, gravel, sludge, plaster, precious metals, glass chips and grindings, fibrous materials, metal chips, and waxes.

With separation as its sole business, Rockford Separators has supplied quality separation systems to the plumbing industry for over 40 years. More than 35 varieties in over 600 available sizes are engineered and custom-built in the USA for job-site specific applications and installed wherever separation systems are required.

Grease Separators

A grease separator is a device designed and installed in the drain line to separate and retain various destructive, hazardous, and other undesirable matter from waterborne waste so that they may be periodically removed; thus preventing their passage into the drainage system. Preventing grease from entering the sewer system (which results in clogging of laterals, mains, and disposal difficulties at treatment plants) can be accomplished by the installation of efficient grease separators at the source of the grease.

Grease Interceptors

Interceptors are mainly used for one product. There are grease interceptors, solids interceptors, hair interceptors, lint interceptors, etc….but each unit can only be used for its intended purpose. In some cases, a combination of two units is required. Example: A solids interceptor should be used in front of a grease interceptor. All interceptors require an external flow control in front of it. Some will have a restrictor on the inlet of the interceptor and call it a built-in flow control. It is still on the front end of the interceptor and does not allow the waste to enter the interceptor unobstructed. External flow controls are nothing more than a blockage in the inlet line.

rockford grease interceptor

Oil Separators

Our simple design is a perfect application of the principle of nature’s own law of gravity in separating lighter-than-water wastes from heavier-than-water matter. These light-density substances, as well as oily, greasy sludge or solids, are retained in the Rockford Separator. Note the course of water travel in cut-open view. The arrows designate the course from the inlet through the first separating screen, upward and through the second separating screen, downward through the filter and flow regulator screen to the outlet, and upward to the drainage line. There is no straight in-and-out travel from the inlet to the outlet of the separator. For continuous or severe operation, consult our Engineering Department.

rockford oil separator