Tower Tech – Cooling Towers

Cougar USA is the Tower Tech Cooling Tower rep in the Houston area. Tower Tech is a leading manufacturer of products that effectively bridge the gap between sustainability and energy efficiency. Tower Tech offers the highest quality products with patented technology providing innovative solutions.

The TTXR Series Modular Cooling was designed for increased performance at design conditions, smaller footprint, and reduced fan horsepower. The TTXR model is technically identical to the TTXL model with the same installation and operational benefits providing the lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower. The performance enhancements of the TTXR model are achieved by optimization of the water distribution system through dispersing smaller water droplets for an increased surface area. The TTXR models are available in the same familiar module sizes of the TTXL series with modular plug and play interconnectivity to achieve any project size cooling requirements. The modular cooling tower design quickly accommodates future expansion of the cooling tower capacity.

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