Tim Zacharias

Tim Zacharias


Tim serves as the President of Cougar USA, where he collaborates with the Leadership Team to manage all facets of the business. In April 2020, he initiated the Building Value Podcast, shedding light on the individuals behind the scenes who contribute to the functionality of buildings, enhancing our daily lives.

Joining Cougar in 2007, Tim's journey began in accounting and project management. Through hands-on experience, he gained expertise in various aspects of the business before ascending to the position of Chief Operating Officer within the Leadership Team in 2017. Holding a B.B.A. in Finance from Texas A&M, he is an active member of ASPE, ASHRAE, ACOE, and CTG Leader’s Forum. 

Additionally, he serves on the boards of the Wilchester Men’s Group and SBMSA Soccer Organization.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tim is deeply passionate about engaging in sports activities with his sons, Mikey and Joey, and spending time with his beautiful wife, Ashley. Tim finds joy in competing – whether it's on the soccer field (HFA), flag football arena (WMC Pecan Bowl), softball diamond (WMC Spring Classic), or defending his title as the reigning champion of the neighborhood Christmas lights contest!

Tim's Top 5 Strengths encompass Achiever, Learner, Competition, Responsibility, and Strategic Thinking.