Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic loops are an efficient way to deliver comfort heating to commercial buildings.  The Heating Water systems circulate water in a closed loop (not open to the atmosphere) from a Boiler to the building to transfer heat into the space through Air Handlers and Fan Coil Units.

Heating Water Loop Components

Boilers are the primary components on the “wetside” of a hydronic heating system and generate the hot water temperature in the loop.

Pumps are required to circulate water throughout the loop; the number and size of the pumps will depend on the system design.

Variable Primary systems use one set of pumps to circulate through the entire loop. The pump control will depend on the control valve type (2-way vs 3-way), chiller/boiler needs (minimum DP), etc. This is the preferred method for piping boilers as it will return the lowest water temperature to the boilers and maximize condensing operation.

Primary / Secondary systems use one set of pumps to circulate through the boilers and the second set of pumps to circulate through the building devices. The primary pumps maintain the flow and pressure drop through the boiler, and the secondary pumps can be variable speed based on the system demand.

Distributed Pumping systems use small primary pumps to circulate through the boilers and the supply side piping and distributed pumps at all devices (AHU’s, FCUs) to pump through the devices and return piping. This design can use significantly less pump energy and have a better system delta T.

Beyond the pumps and control valves, Flow Balancing valves, Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, and Makeup Valves are used in the loops to help balance and maintain the water in the loop.

Conedensing Boilers

The Fulton Endura Condensing Boiler line covers many applications with units from 399,000 BTU/hr up to 12,000,000 BTU/hr. The duplex stainless steel firetube heat exchanger is built to last, and the Flame By Wire O2 compensation technology ensures efficient operation year-round.

Steam Boilers

The Fulton VSRT (Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless) Steam Boiler is available from 9.5 to 125 BHP and can handle natural gas, propane, or dual fuel.  Steam can be used for hydronic heating as well as many process applications, including sterilization, food processing, etc. 

Fulton Videos

Manufacturing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T96zK2QHM-8

Steam Boiler - https://youtu.be/TkOjMCwao5A?si=5kzqo67pziygMZYy