Steam Specialties

Steam is a very efficient method for delivering heat for comfort heating and domestic hot water in commercial buildings and is typically used in hospitals, hotels, and large campuses. We define Steam Specialties as everything after the boiler, which includes multiple applications and products.


Comfort Heating –Steam is used through a Heat Exchanger and control valves to generate Heating Hot Water for comfort heating.

Domestic Hot Water –similar to comfort heating, steam is used through a heat exchanger and control valves to generate domestic hot water, but the main difference here is the speed at which the controls must react to maintain constant temperature due to fluctuating demand.

Sterilization –steam is a chemical-free way to sterilze medical equipment.


Pressure Reducing Valves –it is more economical to distribute steam at high pressures (ex. 250psi), but the pressure must be reduced before use at heat exchangers and other equipment (ex. 15psi). Pilot Operated valves, or electronic control valves are used depending on the pressure drop and capacity required.

Pressure Relief Valves –installed downstream of pressure reducing valves, Relief valves will open on high pressure and prevent system damage.

Heat Exchangers –Shell & Tube or Plate & Frame style Heat Exchangers can be used to transfer heat from steam to water for hydronic heating or other processes.

Steam-Fired Water Heaters–Heat Exchanger, Control Valve, Return Pump, and Controls as a packaged system to deliver constant domestic hot water.

Steam Traps –once steam losses heat (either thermal losses in piping or at a point of use), it will condense back to water. Steam Traps remove water and air from the steam lines, improving system performance and avoiding the potential for water hammer.

Condensate Return Units –condensate can be collected from steam traps and reused for boiler feed water. CRU’s typically consist of a receiver, pumps, and controls to collect and pump condensate back to the boiler. Pressure Power Pumps can also be used to lift condensate.

Steam Separators and Filters –together, they remove water and particulate from the steam to create “clean dry steam” which is used in sterilizers and other processes.