In addition to our high-quality systems, we provide many services to completely support our customers before, during and after installation.

Cougar STAR Program

We are excited to launch the new Cougar STAR Program for existing systems!  Cougar USA has always provided start-up, commissioning, and field support to our customers; now, we offer that same service on a recurring schedule to test & tune the operation of essential water control equipment in your facility.  The STAR Program includes System Tracking, Assessment, and Recommissioning of Fill Valves & Level Controls, Pressure Booster Systems, Water & Steam PRV Stations, Sump Pump Stations, and Water Heaters

24/7 Customer Support and Emergency Service

We are available 24/7 on our main phone line (832-912-7500); after business hours, the phones roll over to our Service Team to provide coverage on nights and weekends. Not only are we available after hours by phone, but our technicians can be dispatched to assist with emergency service or planned service and startups. We also administer all warranty claims for our systems.

Remote Guidance

Remote Guidance is a free service offered by Cougar USA. If we can help you solve the issue using Remote Guidance, you will not be charged for a service call!
If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will schedule a site visit for one of our Service Technicians. Charges for this service call will depend on our normal service guidelines.
The technician will be informed of the issue before arriving on-site and will bring any parts necessary to make repairs, eliminating the need for an initial site visit. Again, saving you time and money.

System Design Assistance

With our 20 years of industry experience and training, Cougar USA can assist in system design for applications in commercial buildings. We provide recommendations for overall system design, equipment selections, control sequences, installation requirements for all trades involved, detailed drawings and specifications.

Cougar USA Training Center

The Cougar USA Training Center is a 2,400-square-foot training facility complete with a 24-seat classroom as well as a workshop containing actual, working equipment. This training facility is located directly next door to Cougar USA’s headquarters in Houston, TX. Our classes are free of charge. We educate and train Consulting Engineers, Installing Contractors and Building Engineers on the equipment and systems Cougar USA provides.

Building Assessments

In 2017, about 39% of total U.S. energy consumption was consumed by the residential and commercial sectors. In a commercial building, HVAC equipment (i.e., chillers, boilers, cooling towers, etc.) and lighting are the biggest targets for energy savings, but the capital costs for improving these may be prohibitive. There are many opportunities for energy savings and building performance improvements with other systems in commercial buildings.

Rental Pumps

It is our goal to get your building back up and running as soon as possible; our rental experts are available 24/7 to help you select the right rental pump for your application and get it on site immediately. We will coordinate delivery to the site with liftgate service. We do not provide installation. However, we do have Authorized Service Partners (ASPs) who can offer turnkey solutions. Once installed, Cougar Sales will start up the rental pump and provide training on the operation of the unit (Cougar Sales geographic territory only).

Remote Monitoring

All the systems Cougar provides can be connected to a Building Automation System (BAS) to be locally monitored by the building engineers on site. In addition, we have multiple manufacturers who offer remote monitoring capabilities so Cougar can monitor system status and receive alarm notifications. With Grundfos, we can offer Grundfos Remote Management, with Intellihot we can offer telliCare, and with Heat-Timer we can offer BuildingNet [link to BuildingNet to come].

Remote Monitoring Apps screenshots

Authorized Service Partners

Since 2003, Cougar USA has built a reputation for excellent field service and technical support. However, Cougar USA is not a licensed contractor or a repair shop, so we cannot fully support the end user without partnering with contractors and repair shops