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In the city of Houston, we’ve had two major interruptions in water supply in the last 18 months. Unfortunately for many buildings, they didn’t find out until their tank and piping were dry and it was too late to act.

With a Level Control Panel from Cougar USA, you can monitor incoming city water pressure and receive an alarm as soon as the pressure drops, giving you time to conserve water and warn patients, tenants, and guests of the situation.

Monitor City Pressure on Fill Stations Tech Talk Transcript:

Hi I’m Tim Zacharias, with Cougar USA. In this Tech Talk, we’re going to cover Monitoring City Pressure on your fill station so when you have a flooded suction application, like in the city of Houston, where we have the code requirement to go through an atmosphere storage tank, like this before your booster pumps.

If you lose City water, then a lot of times, the only indication that you would have or the only warning that you would have would be a tank low-level alarm. So that would mean that you’ve lost city water you’ve drawn your tank all the way down. You get your low level from the panel and that’s almost too late for that’s really when you’re out of water.

So if you’re monitoring City pressure coming in on the inlet of your fill station and you lose City pressure, that’s going to be a really early indication that you might have an issue that you’re going to, you know, probably run out of water and then be able to make changes to mitigate that.

To simulate that here on our control panel, you can see that we have the read out of what the city supply pressure is coming in so you know being fair here at 40 PSI for the City of Houston. A lot of times we have pretty low pressure but if that drops down below, our set point, what’s going to happen here is we’re going to get the low supply pressure alarm and, this is adjustable, Ss have a little bit of a delay there. Just in case we have a blip in pressure, is not going to give a false alarm. But once we get that low-pressure alarm, you can see it doesn’t actually stop to fill valves from filling or anything like that. It’s just going to be an alarm output to the building automation, to let you know that you’ve got low City pressure so that you can silence it there and then it is adjustable here under the alarm settings, what that supply pressure is, so that can be adjusted as well.

So once the city pressure is restored, the alarm clears and everything is back to normal, but again, monitoring this incoming City pressure is a great way to give yourself an early heads up that your building is going to lose water and especially monitoring this, so that you’re getting those to the building automation. You can do that through what we call a Fail-Safe dry contact where you’re going to get the alarm if you have either an actual alarm, a power failure, or control power failure, we can also do communication over in a back net so that you can actually get the readout of the city pressure is as well as the alarms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out or check out other videos.


Cougar USA has worked in hundreds of buildings in Houston w

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